About Fly

Do you want a classical place where you can seem to travel back in time? Whenever you’re driving down the Ice House Street, the eye-catching “Front Porch” of FLY’s will surely give you the urge to stop and pay a visit. This semi-outdoor attraction boasts floor-to-ceiling timber planks that are complemented with relaxing greens. The foliage is made more amazing by the distant gold disco ball in the background.

Inside, you will be more impressed by the presence of leaf-shaped swing chairs. The floorboards are painted with hopscotch exuding a passionate and intimate atmosphere for anyone who enters. Behind the smoky glass doors, a world filled with adrenalin rush to party and dance all night awaits everyone. Thanks to the brilliant interior designer, Alicia Tan.

The state of the art “Back Room” is set up to provide the best experience when it comes to hearing, seeing and feeling of the music. The dominating and yet pleasant sound is provided by a massive Turbosound system. There’s jet-black DJ booth and a floor-to-ceiling LED wall that shows graphics which are in perfect rhythm with the sound and beats. Each corner is carefully designed to ensure that everywhere you look; the music and the vibe can be felt all around.


Shun Ho Tower, G/F, 24-30 Ice House St, Central


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