About Paper Street

Beneath The Pemberton in Sheung Wan lies Paper Street, a one-two combo of a sports lounge and fight club that is a ticket to a night of rousing social upheaval. Powered by Buzz Concepts, the minds behind VOLAR, MAXIMUS STUDIO & TIGER GROUP, this latest concept is meeting conventional with unconventional means by providing a personal boxing gym by day and another nighttime haunt of delights in the after-hours. An entrance of illusion, descend the staircase off Bonham Strand to be greeted by a cozy boxing ring, illuminated by alternating neon lights where personal boxing and Muay Thai training is offered during the day by none other than the All Star Fighting Champion, Tony “Thunder”. The gyms accommodations include 2 deluxe shower rooms, supplied with full amenities. But the real truth lies behind the lockers. Choose your locker wisely and use that boxer strength to reveal a consumer playground of cocktails, screens playing the latest sport, & good times abound.

While the concept pays homage to cult classic Fight Club, the design gives way to the discerning patrons of Hong Kong nightlife, with luxurious finishes amongst wild surroundings. An eight-screen TV wall entertains all the sporting events while billiards and shuffleboard tables make for events of their own. Cocktails like the Rumble, a riotous mix of rum with passion & mint (HK$80 + 10%), swish alongside Japanese inspired snacks from the Gough Street Tiger Room. Never failing to keep the excitement alive, patrons can enjoy daily happy hour promotion of 30% off drinks from opening until 9PM with a special Tuesday deal of All You Can Wing – unlimited chicken wings and 2 standard drinks for just $200. Live acoustic sessions every Thursday from 7:30pm take the ring from rumble to humble, living to the theme of giving guests a night of contrasts. And what is a den of debauchery without a real fight? Friday and Saturday engorge the masculine with Fight Night from 10:30pm. Patrons of Paper Street are invited to let go of inhibitions and live with the total abandon of their daily monotony. Come, experience the unorthodox. Look for the vintage cinema board just off Bonham Strand.


Basement, The Pemberton, 22-26 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan


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